WOW! The Container Garden�s Forum is on fire! What a lovely sight for sore eyes as they say!

Well, lotsa answers are due and lotsa answers are coming shortly to a forum near you so please stay posted. There will be something new every day � keep reading and adding your own notes where and whenever you can.

Just for starters I need to catch up with you. What mischief are you up to right now in your container gardens? What is the weather doing your way? Are you having fun with your containers or are you too choreful to be cheerful?

There is happiness lurking everywhere when it comes to gardens so tell me a little about your chores and maybe I can help with a tip or two.

Until tomorrow...

Lestie Mulholland - Container Gardening Editor

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"Things GARDENING are great ... they are my daily smiles on toast!" - Jennifer St John-Rose, formerly black thumb recently turned green.