Hey everyone! I need a little help on a Cancer/ Scorpio relationship/ friendship.

I am a Cancer woman and got with a Scorpio woman couple months ago; she is someone I met a while back, both had biggest crush on one another, but waited for right time to get together. Once we did, things where great! She was totally into me and made it clear she wanted to date me and get to know me. (She was straight BTW, but said she liked girls too) And I was her first actual sexual encounter.

Problem started about one month in, she started avoiding me, ignoring my texts and just being plain shady. I finally got annoyed and told her if she wanted me to leave her alone I would. She then started replying to my texts but made a bunch of excuses not to hang out. Couple weeks later she said she didnt want a relationship and we could be friends. I said OK. About one week after I invited her out, she textd saying she was straight and dating someone, and wanted me as a friend. I said OK again.

Now this is the problem, every time she rejects me, she starts looking for me that same week. She will text me late at night to say goodnight, and early in the morning to say good morning. And texts during week when before she was "busy". Now she wants to come over this weekend to use my computer.

Anyone know how to interpret this?? Is this just a game? I read Scorpios are loyal so is she really trying to be friends because she does like me as friend only? Does she text because she feels bad for rejecting me?

I am a Cancer and this is driving me crazy!! I am so into her and she knows it. I need advise on what to do. Thanx everyone!

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