My son started to get a rash on his shoulder back in march. At first it looked like a small rug burn, then spread into a fist size circle on his right shoulder. The drs first thougth it was ringworm. So i used a tee tree anti fungal cream on it. It did not clear up. it started to spread to his upper chest, and it has started to discolor his skin to a tan color. WE went to an allergist yesterday, and they have ruled out ringworm, and eczema. We did environmental testing, and he was not allergic to ANYTHING!!!! The dr. said she had no idea what the rash was or what was causing it, and has suggested sending us to a dermatologist. I am loosing my mind at the moment. the rash does not itch. but it is spreading. it flares up with heat and hot water. I only use Natural, unscented soaps, lotions and detergents on him ..... Could it be diet related??? I just dont want them prescribing him steriod creams ect... any suggestions or advice, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Worried MOMMY