Welcome! I am glad that you are here at the Sandwiches Forum. It is a companion site for the Sandwiches site for BellaOnline. Are you interested in how food affects our lives? What kinds of knowledge do you have about Sandwiches? All posts to this forum need to discuss some aspect of sandwiches. By some aspect, I mean almost anything that has to do with sandwiches. This is an incredibly broad topic!

Each visitor or member is responsible for the content of their own posts. Scroll down past the Brand New Posts. Sign up by going to the box on the far right side of the screen that says, "Register to Post." Click and follow the directions. Know that you will never be spammed for giving us your personal information. BellaOnline is here to provide information, not make money. We don't sell your information to anybody!

What kinds of posts do we want?
� We want lively, spirited discussions on the topic of Sandwiches. This discourse should be respectful and family friendly. There may be young readers, and we want to be sensitive to them.
� Your comments about the current articles are appreciated.
� Please leave suggestions for future articles and product reviews here.
� The forum is an excellent way to communicate with me.
� Ask questions and get answers from our online community.

Here is a synopsis of the BellaOnline Rules for Posting on the SANDWICHES Forum:

1. Posting should be on topic. Our topic is Sandwiches and everything having to do with them. This is an incredibly broad topic which can lead to rich and varied discussions!
2. No webcam links, please.
3. SPAM and commercial posts are not permitted. These types of posts tend to drive visitors and forum members away from BellaOnline. Our members do not want their forums filled with ads or spam.
4. If you have a commercial relationship with a company, you must disclose it when you recommend their product. This is a FTC rule.
5. E-mail addresses are not to be shown. You may request a person to private message you. This is a secure messaging system.
6. Please do not add direct links to your posts unless you have had more than 50 posts. At that point, you may read the guidelines for posting one external link.
7. Refrain from posting promotional or press release links.

Which posts are not welcome?
� Posts that are meant to antagonize or disrespect our community are not welcome. People can disagree with somebody and still show respect. We want everybody to have a positive experience in the Sandwiches Forum.
� Advertising posts and spam are forbidden. BellaOnline takes this very seriously. Our readers want a quality experience without a barrage of unwanted ads.
� Please keep your content "family friendly." We don't want our site to be filtered by libraries.
� Posts with external advertising links or affiliate links should not be on this forum and will be removed without notice.

I want the Sandwiches Forum to be a safe and lively place for people to express their creativity, stories, and questions about sandwiches. The more people who post, the more information that we have available!

Until we meet again,

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