How did life's daily tasks affect you?

In the beginning for me I think it was most pronounced at tuck in time. I was kissing one child good night instead of two. And as much as I know family dinners around the table are important, I stopped them. We ate in the living room or picnic style on the living room floor. We would talk and laugh and yeah, sometimes watch TV. It helped take away some of that missing person feeling.

It's been 11 years now, so the daily tasks don't hit me as hard. I'm usually hit most at the beginnings of new things. My step-son is the same age Kenzie would be, so there is often a comparison. Kenzie would be starting high school this year. Would she have her first crush? First kiss? How would I have bumbled through "the talk". Sometimes it is hard because she is frozen in the age she died. Christmas time and all the cute toddler dresses, and every year I made her Christmas dress. I can't even begin to imagine at 14 what she would wear. She was a huge Barney fan when she died. Would she be listening to rap, rock, country now? Would she be a Bieber fan? The daily tasks seem easier now. Now it is more about milestones I guess.

Shanda Lynn Markham