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Optimal functionality on all levels does have a basis from the overall design between a man and a women coming together as one, but it's not limited to just physically or sexually. It's not just about biology, sex, or the biology of sex. There are clearly deeper aspects and metaphysics to relationships; they are far more complicated and meaningful than just that of biological and sexual aspect. And it's definitely not about right or wrong, or good or bad either. So ignoring any moral or religious presuppositions, it's about the overall combined mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, and physiological polarity of true and real compliments...

The true masculinity coming from a male and the true femininity coming from a female is masculinity and femininity that is authentic, real, and in their truest forms. Therefore, a relationship between a man and a woman are the best chance at complete happiness and fulfillment, because they are the greatest, opposing but complimentary forces of the earth and the universe that permeate every facet, every element, and every figure of existence. To deny this and/or deny your chances of this, is to deny your true self.

Polarity is pure consciousness, and its expansion is primarily expressed as the intensity and connection felt between a man and a woman. It's a matter of physics...above all other kinds and types of relationships, a man and a woman who are the right fit for each other have the most internal resonance with one another (not just biologically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, socially, and physiologically).

A man cannot truly supplant a woman in her role, and a woman cannot truly supplant a man in his role, no matter what pretense or surgery or facade is attempted. And therefore a female and a male are the best conduits to each other for absorption, integration, and transmission towards overall happiness, completeness, and fulfillment. All other types of relationships doesn't approach the completion and fulfillment in comparison to the bond between a man and a woman who are the right fit for each other.

A REAL happy, complete, and fulfilling relationship is not based on personal gratification of wants and needs, but on the overall internal polarity of male and female personalities coming together. Through cultivating these profound states of receptivity, men and women in relationships learn much better with each other than with someone of their own sex when it comes to the ability to detect patterns of each others being, for a male and female are the most complimentary to the bio-psychic and meta-physic structures of each other. Otherwise, there are higher levels of conflicts and clashing that occurs that is defined by drama and/or dysfunction, which that alone is a clear indicator and proof of how the bio and meta physic forces and structures between a man and a woman are naturally the most complimentary.

Lack of connection and/or attraction has little to nothing to do with the sex or gender of the person, but everything to do with how well that person is truly connected to his/her own true self. When with somebody you are not connecting with, it could be you, the other person, or it could be both the other person and yourself that is not truly connected with their true self. It's about personality conflicts revolving around internal conflicts and issues, and not about what sex or gender that person is. However, through means of exercising FREEWILL, our internal conflicts can be resolved and therefore no longer get in the way.

The most intimate and complete connections in relationships are achieved between a man and a woman...If and when a female learns to be more comfortable with her true self and feminine essence, and if and when the man embraces his true self and his masculinity, while both partners maintain an appreciation for the others needs. The dance between male and female polarity will always be the primary motivating force of life and true happiness, and with consciousness, it creates and provides the most fulfilling and complete overall attraction and union.

The North and South Poles of the Earth create a force of magnetism, and a much greater balance of polarity. Even way beyond reasons of procreation and a genuine sense of safety and security, the male and female are the poles between people that create flow of real love and energy in motion. The female is pure, boundless, and infinite energy moving freely without any particular direction. She is directionless but immense, ever changing, and beautiful. The female is the force of life and source of inspiration.

The female moves in all directions, the man moves in one direction. The female who's in touch with her true femininity and who she really is as a person naturally feels the need to and provides a man with the energy and love that genuinely helps give him the drive and passion that is true and real. The man who's in touch with his true masculinity naturally feels the need to and provides a woman with the energy and love that genuinely helps give her a true and real sense of direction, focus, and purpose. And that's only just part of it, for the male and the female compliments of polarity for each other even transcends beyond all of that. The masculinity from a man directs, while the femininity from a female projects. Real and true authentic masculinity is fully achieved only by a man, and real and true authentic femininity is only fully achieve by a female. A female who tries to be masculine will always fall short of true authentic masculinity, and a male who tries to be feminine will always fall short to achieve true authentic femininity...it mostly appears contrived, forced, and/or superficial. And this just one example of where it comes back to the existing meta-physical and bio-physical differences that are most complimentary are between a male and a female.

Life, relationships, and REAL love is a puzzle...
The same two pieces or two pieces that are similar have a much less chance at solving the puzzle. An increased level of drama and/or dysfunction is an indicator of this. The type of people who accept drama and dysfunction as part of being who they are or it coming with the territory is solid evidence that they are pieces of the puzzle that fail to interlock with one another and compliment each other enough and on the level needed in order to solve the puzzle. So for them, all that is left when it really comes down to it, is about an internal identity crisis/struggle rather than who that person really is.

A man and a woman who are the right fit for each other are the two different but complimentary and interlocking pieces of the puzzle, and therefore have a much better chance at solving the puzzle, resulting in a REAL loving relationship that is TRULY COMPLETE and FULFILLING.

So be very careful if you make a woman cry, because GOD counts her tears. Every tear a woman sheds is equivalent to each sacrifice a man makes in his life. The woman came from a man's rib; not from his feet to be stepped on, not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be EQUAL. Under his arms to be PROTECTED, and near his heart to be LOVED. In comparison to any other type of relationship, there isn't a better, a greater, or a more COMPLETE and FULFILLING LOVE out there that exists than between A MAN and A WOMAN who are the right fit for each other.

Relationships between a man and a women who are the right fit for each other are the best and most balanced compliments of Yin and Yang...giving people the best chance at REAL happiness, completeness, satisfaction, love and fulfillment. If we deny ourselves of this chance, we are not only cheating ourselves, but we are also not being true to the person inside who we really and truly are. And we must be truly happy with who we are before we can be truly happy with who we are with and what we have...

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Joined: Jun 2010
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this lecture was so interesting, I must come back to it sometime later and lookup up the long words in my dictionary and all. thank you for this very intriguing topic

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