This is an exerpt from a few months ago. I thought it might illistrate a mindset that is previlant in the Political partyship's mindsets.


This is from Houston, TX at a town hall meeting for Representative Sheila Jackson- Lee. The private citizen stands up and asks a question about the health care bill that was being discussed. Ms. Jackson- Lee pulled out her cell phone and began taking a call from a mysterious person, ignoring her constituent. The woman continued her question and the Congresswoman continued to ignore her.

The Congresswoman was interviewed later on by Greta and was asked who she was talking to. The Congresswoman explained that she was calling a hot-line that the members of Congress were provided with to answer any questions about the bill.

Take a moment to think about that. This Congress is supposed to know what it issigning into law. It is supposed to have weighed the costs, and benifits to form an opinion to best respresent the people that voted them in. It has taken over almost half of the US economy single handedly. Know, when asked by the people what its plans are next, it needs to use a lifeline to find out the answer? If so, then who is providing the answers to these "represenatives?" Why are they working in the shadows? Where is the open and transparent government that Nancy Pelosi promised in 2006 and Barack Obama promised in 2008?