Today, as I walked into the Jewish Community Center with my two, young children - there was a huge crowd gathered. There was a teenage girl standing at a podium reading names, names of people who had perished during the Holocaust.

Before entering, I explained to my children that they needed to be quiet - something very important was happening - and I hurried them through the crowd and to the playground so that they wouldn't disrupt anything.

But that walk through the front foyer and through the crowd of people with the names being read as we walked, was enough to reach out and move me. My eyes swelled with tears at even the remote thought regarding what this all represented.

I hope you were all able to honor the people who risked their lives helping us during the Holocaust, the people who lost their families and everything they knew and loved during the Holocaust, and the people - young and old - who didn't survive the Holocaust.

My article this week is a book review for [/u]..>I never saw another butterfly...[u]a book of pictures and drawings from the Children of the Terezen concentration camp.

Book Review - ...I never saw another buttefly...

Lisa Pinkus

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