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Hello Jason,

This is such a good idea, are you going to carry on with G H I and so on - and then start again wherever possible? It would be great and I for one would appreciate your input.

I have a few friends who are following the BLOOD GROUP diet of Dr D'Damo and who are A group blood types. This is the mainly vegetarian group and they for one are most keen to learn more about following a vegetarian way of eating.

What do you think of this Blood Group Diet? Do you happen to have an opinion? My mates swear by it in that they feel great, have overcome depression, are calm, have lost weiight and just do not feel "thick" anymore after eating a well chosen and prepared vegetarian meal made up of the choices so advised by the diet.

One of the group has also added following proper food combining of starches and proteins as well as only eating fruit til noon, a trick she took from the Diamonds and their 'Fit For Life' approach to food.

Would you comment if you will? I would be interested and say thanks in advance.

Cheers now
Hi Leslie!
I was just getting caught up on my forum postings. And in short answer to your question, 'Yes.' I'll be resuming with the rest of the alphabet and some great tidbits about the items in them in the process. Thanks for your feedback!

Re: The Blood Group Diet, the eat right for your type process, I think it has a lot of validity and I also believe that there are a lot of factors involved with the body being able to absorb and assimilate nutrients. Many times when we have a diet high in one thing or another we experience the pluses or minuses of them. My bigger focus is on understanding the balance in the many different food cultures. In different parts of the world, and in our own backyards, recipes and complementary foods are combined to make up the deficits an isolated item would bring. When we remove a food from a culture without understanding the wisdom of the culture, we lose out on the benefits one spice offers to a dish to make it more digestible, to detoxify a certain component, to increase its nutritional values, etc. When we use herbs and spices, ideally there's a grander scheme of things at play that has little to do with flavor, but instead, boosting the dish overall [including flavor].

All in all I think there are a lot of great systems out there; the best one being, tune into your body to understand what it's calling for and when, and then supplying it. You can't go wrong with that approach. The key is to learn what your body signals mean.

Hope that wasn't too long winded; and beyond that, I hope it answered your question.

Best smile