Do you have a fortune in your pocket, coin box, loose
change, coffee can?

If you haven't been checking your coins daily; may be
you should start. Because there's big money in small
change. And finding a Mint Error coin can sometimes be
very profitable. If you know what to look for.

Coins that fall in the $2 - $10 value range can be found
in your pocket change. Even this will buy a couple of
gallons of gas. smile Hot dog! Now we're rolling. Even coins
that are not perfect, that have dents and dings are worthy
of a second look.

The misconception here is that they are not collectible
and have no value. Wrong! Many valuable varieties have
been found circulating in pocket change. So, let's focus
on what you should be looking for right now. Here's a small
list of coins you can set aside as you start your treasure hunt.

Any Lincoln Wheat cent 1909-1959 eras is a great place to start, especially the key dates.

Any vintage Buffalo nickels 1913-1939, which are rarely seen in circulation, are a great find.

Any 90% silver coins, pre-1964; mecury dimes, nickels, quarters, have monetary and historical value.

So now, you know a few things to look for. Next time we'll
go deeper into coin conditions and mint marks. If you have
a question, you can always email me.


Happy Hunting

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