Hey folks,

I am new to this forum,, just looking into getting some feedback from several of the popular womens groups.. This place is very interesting.

I have recently been looking into the art and science of "Pickup" and it is quite fascinating.

It reveals a lot about WHY and HOW women are deeply programmed to respond to certain things. If women learn what they are, they can avoid a lot of pain and get more of what they want in relationships. Say what you want about "slimy pickup artists" most of them know and understand the feminine psyche better than the women they are targeting.

Like anything else it can be abused, just being used to get women into bed. But at its best it just pulls women through the awkward stage of breaking the ice.

There is a very popular myth that w woman makes up her mind in 10 minutes whether or not a man could be a lover or not,.. etc. That is true in some sense because most men do not know how to "create attraction" in a woman. But a man who does can create attraction in almost any woman at any time. The only way for him to do this is to BE A MAN. When this happens it allows / insists that the woman be the woman. That is why "Pickup" works. Because the male/female dynamic gets very condensed and focused.

And yes, it would work even on YOU!

comments on this?