Tonight I'll be going to a sort-of memorial gathering for my boyfriend's nephew (we'll call him Daniel) who died at the young age of 3 (he would have been 15 this year), and I thought I would pass on what they're doing in remembrance of his birthday because I thought it was heart-warming and kinda cool:

The family gathers at the grave site and releases purple balloons (Daniel's favorite), they all munch on Cheetos (his favorite food), and they regale uplifting stories of Daniel's short life. They also take the time to remember others in the family who have passed and tell short stories about them, too. Then the family has dinner at a country club, where they have the traditional dessert, "Daniel quote cupcakes," which...I'm guessing are cupcakes with a little note on them that has a quote from little things Daniel used to say? I'll find out tonight.

Anyway, I know many people in here have lost children before they were even born. Maybe having a special day to remember them with your closest friends or family would help in the future.