The forum based RPG will be a structured freeform experience.

The PC Roster thread should be used to give us an idea of who your character is, and what her capabilities are. You can be as detailed as you like, or as sparse as you like and we'll fill in the rest as we go.

The game will be scene based, and I'll post the scene openings. After a scene opening is posted, you can post what your character is doing, thinking, etc. Feel free to extrapolate reasonable actions for NPCs, or to create new NPCs.

If you get to a point where you need a reaction from a PC, wait a reasonable amount of time for a post, then assume a reaction that's in character for that PC. We'll figure out what a reasonable amount of time to wait is based on how often everyone seems to be posting.

I'll also do NPC actions and important events that happen during the scene.

For action resolution, it should be fairly obvious when an action is important in the scene. For important actions, wait for me to let you know what happened. For other actions, feel free to resolve them yourself.

For example, if your thief is in a tavern and decides to restock her purse by doing some pickpocketing, you can resolve that in any way you like. Maybe she cleans out the place without getting caught, maybe she gets caught by an NPC who you plan to be a recurring nemesis, etc.

But if your thief is going to try and lift the secret plans from the pocket of a major NPC, post her actions up to but not including the results, and I'll let you know if she succeeded or not.

The idea is that we're co-creating a story, and not necessarily trying to "win" for any individual PC.

I'll close a scene down when it has run its course, and the PCs can discuss what to do next (if the closing of the scene gives them the luxury of choice). When we know what the next scene will be, I'll post the opening of that.

Any questions about how things will work, just ask.