The key of knowledge which was "hidden" by the scribes to hinder those who wished to enter in to the Mystery of God is still being hidden; but it is come to light so that the Jews might know that the return of the Prodigal Son is the return of Solomon from the Dead; like a modern day Lazurus; as a sign from John the Divine: who raised me.

That which is "before and behind" and "above and below" refers to the division of the light "before" from the darkness "behind" which God did with His Right Hand; and the uncollected or living waters "above" divided from the collected or dying waters "below" with His Left Hand. It was Adam who was to seperate the "light and darkness" by cleaving to the Archangel to keep the Commandment which came to him vertically from God; thus standing before God as having the "light of the sun" which was the virginity of Adam; thus becoming one with the divine "Image of God" as the Word made Flesh or spirit incarnate: the Day. It was Eve who was to seperate the lower nature seen as Eden from the upper nature as seen as the Garden; standing before God as having the "light of the moon" which was the virginity of Eve. Thus she would have become one with the universal "Mirror of Creation" as the Sea of Glass or soul incarnate: The Face. This Eve was to have done by cleaving to the law of Adam to keep the Commandment; in which he "laid down the law of the land"; which came to her horizontally from Adam standing in God's position; thus becoming one with the universal "Mirror of Creation" as "facing Adam as if he were God". Eve came out of Adam just as the 7 fold Creation came out of the Day; thus seperated from the time below her immortal existence Eve would have been the soul incarnate: the "Kingdom". She as the Face of Eternity uplifted as symbolic of the Kingdom would have thus received the Sun of Righteousness we call the "King" or Day.

This each of them would have done before they became one flesh; the Fall happened because they were not seperated; Adam from his "shadow" and Eve from her "abyss". Standing in her position of the Daughter or "Kingdom" as above the Sea of Time having her source from the River of Eternity; the River of rivers that flows from the Throne of God; the Fountain of Eternity. This concludes part two....

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