The Carpet Bagger Report has a post today about the dust-up in the Washington GOP primary. Reporting that, �McCain was trailing Huckabee for part of the night, but with 87% of the precincts reporting, McCain had a narrow lead, which was less than two percentage points. That�s when it got a little odd. Election watchers kept an eye on the results, waiting for additional precincts to report, and wondering whether McCain�s narrow lead would evaporate. The funny thing was, additional precincts didn�t report. Despite the narrow margin, and with plenty of votes left to go, the state Republican Party stopped counting and declared McCain the winner.�

He notes that, �As for the best response to this flap, I think a TPM reader nailed it: �Nice to know the Repubs have progressed from 2000 where they refused to count Democratic votes, to 2008 where they are now refusing to count their own votes.� �

Tracey-Kay Caldwell, Democratic Party Editor