Great Article, Nikki! I think you should post it in the forum.

My dd recently turned one and the thought kept recurring in my mind about how long we've been nursing now, how hard it was at first, and how I never thought we'd get this far! I am so very proud of this accomplishment! I loved your response to your client about your biggest accomplishment being breastfeeding your baby!

It really is a lot harder than I ever imagined! First it is (or at least can be - and was for us) sooo difficult in the beginning to get going, and then throughout there are many hurdles, too. Everything from nipple soreness to dealing with people that don't share our views, from marathon nursing sessions when you're so overtired to wanting to relax and have a drink at that holiday party (but you can't, of course, because the baby still nurses to sleep and their bedtime is in about an hour - and then, what if they should wake up an hour later?!!!)

But, regardless of any hurdle, I can honestly say that breastfeeding has been both my biggest accomplishment in life AND the best thing I ever did! It has been such a wonderful nursing year and I can't even fathom what this year would have looked like without it!

Thanks for the article! Our kiddos are close in age - my dd turned one on Nov. 13 smile.

All the best,