Let us talk about volunteer workers this week. Whatever the cause of disability, living with them, have many pleasures, frustrations and problems in common.
Many of us need a helping hand from time to time. I am more than thankful for helping hands who offer their time to assist me when I need help. Some people enjoy helping out as we often have lots of fun and laughter together.

A woman who went with me to buy veggies had me almost in tears in the shop. Yes, the isles were crowded with people but her impatience with me making up my mind whether or not I was prepared to pay far more than I bargained for green beans, irritated me as well as some of the other customers. As I am blind, I did not �see� we passed the spinnage and, on her request what else I wanted, I said spinnage. �But we already passed them. Now we have to get through all these people again to take some.�

Another friend told me �don�t look so intelligent, there is no other parking space, I am going to park on a loading zone and tell the traffic police you are blind and cannot walk far.�

Taking liberties? Not on a terribly hot summer afternoon in South Africa after circling the street block several times looking for a parking spot.
If you need to advise someone on the characteristics and abilities of a volunteer worker, what will your suggestions be?

Neuromuscular Diseases Editor

Neuromuscular Diseases