Hello to all, I guess what my topic is...I would like to know if there are other MS people, who are doing well at times, and get look at...like You don't look sick to me. I tend to get feelings of resentment from people, who see me at times with my walking crutch.. then other times I feel confident to 'do without the crutch'. I have been diagnosised for many years...been through some terrible problems but seem to be at a leveling off spot for the time being.....I still get looks of.. Oh sure. Do I need to carry around copies of my MRI.. so show the masses of scar tissue, or what? I have had MS for 30 years, and still feel uncomfortable of telling people, because they immediatly 'look for flaws'......My signs and symptoms are sometimes unseen at a first glance. This tens to make me feel guilty.......but so very thankful.

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