Greetings to all of you from a cool, rainy evening in South Africa.

October is dedicated to Spina Bifida, a disease where a baby is born with an open back. Read the article in the newsletter? No, why not join our Newsletter to read all about the new content added weekly to the Neuromuscular Diseases site?

This conduct of dedicating certain months, or sometimes even years, to a specific disease or group, brought some questions to my mind. Let us see whether we can come to some conclusion in our discussion this week.

- Who decides which month, or year, deserves to be dedicated to a disease or other specified topic?
- How does the awareness spread during those weeks, benefit the cause when the month or year has ended?
- Any reason why, or why not, such dedicated efforts work? If not, why doesn�t it work?

Talk to me, and all of us, what are your views?

Neuromuscular Diseases Editor

Neuromuscular Diseases