Late this afternoon as I was preparing dinner and running back and forth to see the end of the "Barcley's Tournament" some great men were finishing up and made some terrific ending shots to bring this tournament to a close. I was so thrilled to see K.J. Choi, Ernie Els and Steve Stricker light up the afternoon with great play.
Stricker ended with four BIG was awesome to see him win and also see what it meant to him to be on TOP...I hope he continues to do great things in this great sport of golf. For a long time I've been glued to the screen to see Tiger Woods do his thing but there is really more room at the top for more great players...they put so much time into their love of the golf game that they should share in the winnings if they are "GOOD ENOUGH" to get the closing Tiger has shown that good body condition pays off and great concentration...I wish all the men the best for their future in golf. Can't wait for next week to see who shows up and what happens. Now it's your turn to add to this message...would like to see some back and forth chat here.

Crazy as I wanna be,
Jazzy Geri