�Boy, have we got a vacation for you, vacation for you, vacation for you..."

Westworld remains one of my personal favorite films due mostly to the foreshadowing of Crichton�s later work Jurassic Park. Down to the line, �we spared no expense� to shutting off the facility in order to reboot the system, there is no doubt that Westworld is the foundation for Jurassic Park.

I also enjoy Westworld because it speaks to our need for more dangerous types of fun. The idea of a theme park where you can immerse yourself in another society is a mixture of adrenaline rush type activities such as sky diving or bungee jumping and live action role-playing. If such a park is ever devised, with robotics moving along as fast as it is, I have no doubt that people will pay whatever price, including their own lives, to try something that exciting.

But what does that say about Americans in general and our culture? I believe we are a society of adrenaline junkies. Ever since the first roller coaster was invented we have been on a path toward more inventive ways to get our blood pumping. That is not to say that ancient cultures don�t have their own form of adrenaline rush activities. The Japanese still enjoy eating Fugu, the fish that can kill with one bite and the Spaniards still run in front of bulls every year. But we Americans also join in those activities as well so we truly have a raging need for stimulation and danger. I suppose it�s just our �cowboy� way!

But I�m not here to put down our need for excitement. I embrace it whole heartedly myself and hope one day soon to skydive. No folks, I�ll be first in line to Medievalworld if it ever comes around and I already have a great costume to wear there! What could possibly go wrong? grin

Kirsten Olsen-Keyser
SF/Fantasy Movies