Every now and again I get emailed by marketing and media departments looking to promote healthy living. One such group contacted me recently with this email that peaked my interest and gave me permission to share it with you:

Remember the days of the brown bag lunch? Now kids are buying school lunches with PIN codes and getting their fill from school vending machines. Horizon Software is taking schools to the next level of tech – they just today launched the first smart-enabled vending machine for schools that allows parents to track online what their kids is eating and spending on vending machine food. Kids simply use a PIN code or card to access the vending machine and everything is tracked within the Horizon system. Used in conjunction with Horizon’s MealpayPlus – an online pre-payment system that allows parents to pay for their child’s lunch online, as well as view their cafeteria purchases – parents have visibility into what their kids are eating, and kids will no longer have their lunch money stolen by the class bully!

So, I checked it out:

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