My mother-in-law was diagnosed with alzheimers. Within the last year she's gone into an assisted care facility. She lives out of state and lived there for many years. She also lived here for many years. Her friends gathered 'round and decided that it would be better for her to be there than here.

Realistically it's a problem for us to continue leaving her there. There are decisions to make for her (medical, financial, etc) and we cannot drop everything when she has trouble (like passing out at the beauty parlor two weeks ago). She's also declined a great deal. She has some lucid days, but they're not necessarily in the majority any longer. My husband, his daughter, granddaughter, and my daughter are there now taking care of her household affairs. We've made the decision to bring her down her after the holidays.

Any advice on how to make her friends feel better about the decision? The friends are a tight knit group (obviously) and care a great deal.

Denise Lacazette
Exotic Pets Editor