The Dancing Lotus Newsletter

Thank you so much for subscribing. Since I am the new Bellydancing Editor, I feel it appropriate to name the newsletter The Dancing Lotus, only because the lotus flower is so symbolic of life itself.

Think about the many journeys in your life. One journey starts for a reason or another, ultimately ends, then another journey starts and so on. At the end, is a finish piece.

As an amateur dancer, I believe I take the same journey like a lotus flower. Starting from the bottom, working my way to the top. At the end, I will be a finished piece. I don't expect to be the best. I don't expect to be perfect, but my passion for belly dance will guide me in the right direction.

It is my hopes that we can all share our thoughts on this journey. We share a passion. We will blossom. And if you have blossomed, wonderful! Be an inspiration to others.

Look for future newletters to follow.


Here's the latest article from the Bellydancing site at

A Glimpse of the Belly Dancer, Mata Hari
Mata Hari was known as the exotic dancer, who was later executed for being a spy, but little is known of her contribution to dance.

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