I have a male and female zebra finch in one cage and another set in another cage side by side, that may be irrelivant. Anyways my older set (about a year) laid their first set of eggs 2 wks ago after my putting them in a nest cause i finally decided i'd let them breed and put them as pairs rather than mm/ff. The 5 eggs hatched yesterday, and ive noticed the male still coming out to get the egg/seed in their food bin but not the female. And since they have hatched she has stayed on the babies 24/7 and when the male isnt out getting food he is too. Now i saw the babies at first and they looked fine but since after the first hour or two they are sittin on the babies. Is this normal? are they suppose to sit ON the babies to where u cannot see them? Or should i be making them move? Im worried they are smothering the babies and to be honest i have no clue if they are even alive still today, they havent pitched them they are apparently still in the nest UNDER them, but i cant see nor hear them! Any advice to a first timer for the hatching?