I'm on a mission! I need JUST 5 people to test out my theory and give critique and assistance. Deadline for applying for this is JUNE 30!

My Mission:

To design a system whereby my sister (a single mom of three teenagers who works full time for minimum wage and goes to school part time) could both afford the time and money to invest in an internet business system that would replace her need to work outside the home in less than a year.

What do I need from you?

I need you to test the DELIVERY of this system (the programs themselves have all been tested, I just need people to test the actual delivery format) to make sure it is understandable, smooth, and workable. I need you to try it out, step by step for about 6 months. You need to invest $10/month maximum (which may well be returned to you after the first month) and invest one hour a day.

I also am wide open to your ideas on other programs I can offer in this system that would achieve my goals (and therefore bring you much more profit!)

What will I give in return?

A free training system that walks you through a series of internet businesses that should cost you nothing after the first month. These businesses will create automated income using multiple streams of income in a series of businesses that have proven themselves to be above board, and lucrative.

A series of proven businesses that will have you in a place where you could theoretically replace your income in a year or less (depending on how closely you stick to the plan and how quickly you're able to get started!)

Hands-on-training in internet marketing that I will then show you how to apply to any area of business you're presently working in (i.e. nutritionals, phone cards, info products, water filters, toys, whatever!)

An opportunity to build TWO solid lists of interested people (one "generic" and one in your area of business/passion interest) who will be ready to follow you into any business venture you should offer them.

A chance to get your own programs involved in this process right at the beginning, increasing your profits.

A chance to "piggy back" off of my intensive advertising efforts which will create a certain amount of spill-over into your own businesses.

I will then show you how to put all of this on complete autopilot so that after about 6 months you never have to touch this again, and yet your profits will increase.

You will receive tools, systems and training that you can apply to the business you're presently in, while you're building this with me.

I have a hard-cover copy of the book "The One Minute Millionaire" by Robert Allen for the first five people to complete the first two steps of the system.


Check out my blog at and sign up for the program.http://step-by-step-wealth.blogspot.com/

Thanks for your help!


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