Welcome to the role playing game forum!

Let's lay down some ground rules in addition to BellaOnline's general posting rules, okay?

One, don't trash somebody else's game. Joy killer! If you just played a game for the first time and had a great time with your friends, you don't want to go out in search of more information about it and run into a bunch of people trashing your game. No fun at all. You don't have to like every game. Just phrase your dislike with consideration for others. "I've tried that game, and it wasn't my favorite" is much nicer than "Anybody that plays GURPS is an idiot."

Two, the board is for role playing. We can have some fun and talk about other stuff (a study shows that 50% of all game table talk is off topic), but let's keep religion and politics off the table, except for in-game references.

Three, I will let you know when we get into certain dangerous topics that ALWAYS degenerate into flame wars. Whether a fighter or a wizard is a better class is one. I won't automatically stop the thread, but I'll point out if a thread skates over thin ice.

All that aside, please participate. I can only do so much, and the BellaOnline RPG communities relies on your participation. At conventions you'll see people wearing buttons that say "I don't want to hear about your character." Here on this forum, I really DO want to hear about your character.

Lloyd Brown