This forum posting about common job-hunting mistakes is reprinted here with the permission of the original author. It's very straightforward, but true.

How NOT to Apply for a Job:
-if you don't really read the job posting, don't really send your resume.

-proof your resume and cover letter, PLEASE.

-if the job says ''1-2 years experience'' don't send a salary requirement of 65K unless your dad owns the company.

-don't send a salary requirement with a huge range--it makes no sense.

-if the job posting says ''applications w/out salary requirements will not be accepted'' DON'T SEND YOUR RESUME WITHOUT A SALARY REQUIREMENT!

-don't send your cookie-cutter, choc' full 'a' BS cover letter. Just send your resume, let that stand on it's own if necessary.

-if you really want to stand out, understand what it is to be professional and do all the research you can on the company. don't write a cheesy, goofy cover letter that is cutesy clever, PLEASE.

-lastly, only lie on your resume or in your interview if you really don't care about getting the job.

-just read your letter, look at that resume--would YOU hire you?

Natalie Greaves
Post College Editor