This message is posted with permission from author Del "Abe" Jones. I hope you enjoy his poetry!

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Christmas trees with twinkling lights
Sparkling tinsel spread around
Ornaments and decorations
On the green boughs, hanging down.

A wreath of holy on the outside
Mistletoe above the door
Sounds of those Christmas carols
Telling tales of Christmas lore.

Presents wrapped in shiny paper
Tied with pretty ribbons� bows
The wonder in wee ones� eyes
As their anticipation grows.

The chill crispness of the air
Falling crystals of white snow
The family gathered� round the hearth
Warmed by the crackling glow.

Eggnog topped with nutmeg
The pies, candies and cakes
The aroma from the kitchen
Of the oven as it bakes.

A birthday celebration
For that someone up above
Thought and wishes �round the earth
For a world of peace and love.

It�s too bad it can�t be Christmas
With all it�s hope and cheer
It�s too bad life can�t be lived
Like this day, all through the year.



There's music of the holidays
Playing on the radio -
There's Christmas decorations
Almost everywhere you go.

The Salvation Army bells
Ring out for the poor -
The "Ho,ho." of Santa Claus
In the department stores.

Carolers sing Christmas songs -
Going, house to house -
Tales about, where no one stirs
Not even, a mouse.

Hoofbeats in fresh fallen snow
Pulling, an open sleigh -
Children asking Mom and Dad
"Is Santa on his way?"

Cracklin' from the fireplace -
Roasting chestnuts 'neath the coals -
The soft murmur of prayers
Said, for the lost souls.

Friends and family gather
To toast, Christmas cheer -
There's sounds of angels singing
(If, you really want to hear.

The sounds of Christmas, fill the air
As we celebrate His birth -
Wishing joy, to all mankind
And peace to all on earth.

Del "Abe" Jones