This is circulating the 'net and mainstream media.

Unfortunately these tips don't seem very helpful.

Not as yet been debunked as a hoax, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in this basket.

Hello everyone,
As you may already know I have been a SWAT Sniper for about 3 years. My specialty is Counter Sniper for Presidential and dignitary protection. What this basically means is, I am posted at certain locations looking for a sniper/assassin. Once a threat is detected, I am charged in countering his/her ability to attack by early detection and neutralizing (killing) him/her.

Now on to business:

This Sniper killing people in the DC Metro area is a skilled sharpshooter and very calculated. Unfortunately he appears very disturbed and has just left a calling card stating he was God. What that probably means is he may escalate the matter by increasing the rate of killing in each attack because he acknowledges the police's hot pursuit. This sniper knows it's a matter of time before he is discovered. He thinks he is superior to everyone, but knows eventually he will be caught. He is playing a very sick game that he feels he is winning. He will probably want to sensationalize his confrontations with the police and eventually stop running and have a standoff. The police may be his future targets.

It is very important that you adjust your regular routine because this is a very deadly individual. I am going to give you my personal/professional advice on the matter.

The Sniper's MO (his methods) are the following.
a. 1st wave of attacks were concentrated in an area the suspect was very familiar with.
b. It appears these initial attacks were closer, probably less than 100 yards away. Witnesses were hearing loud cracks.
c. He definitely is showing off. He is trying to maintain 100%, one shot for one kill. (Sniper's creed).
d. He is probably not shooting the first person that appears. He is looking for the highest probable kill. This encompasses distance, position, and movement of the individual and excludes physical barriers (vehicles, tress, columns, etc).
e. He is shooting from areas adjacent to major roadways, thoroughfares, highways, etc. (quick egress). First group was within a couple of miles from beltway. Child shot in Bowie was a block away from the US 50 on the 197.
f. He went up to northern Virginia (70 miles away) to throw police off his trail (diversion, used by snipers for stalking targets and eluding enemy).
g. He is making this to be a giant "Stalk" around the Metro area. It is a game now. He wants them to come after him (like he is in his own war against the enemy).
h. He is probably using any foliage (tree line, woods, bushes) that is around the malls, shopping center, gas stations, and parking lots.
i. He is able to shoot accurately out to 500 yards (5 football fields) with or without a scope (depends on individual's abilities).
j. The farther out he/she is, the more difficult of course it is to detect or pinpoint location. This aids in egress as well. (He knows this).

My advice to you all is to consider the following.

1. Avoid unnecessary errands.
2. Bring someone along.
3. Do not stand outside your vehicle grabbing things out the car.
4. If you go to the store, put items in back seat of car (nothing in trunk) so that you can grab items and exit quickly.
5. When slowing down or at a stop, keep windows closed (glass deflects bullets, he knows this and he is not shooting through glass anymore).
6. Never walk straight to a door more than 20 feet away. Zig zag and walk at angles. The shooter is setting up on doorways/entrances and waiting for victims to line up on entrance. The hardest shot for a sniper is a target traversing laterally to his/her position.

Walk between cars, use them for protection, and NEVER walk in a straight line to a doorway. Park as close as possible.

Be mindful of wooded areas and any bushes around establishment. More than likely surrounding areas. Look for reflections (glare of the scope or weapon).

Use drive-thru at fast food

Look around and make it obvious (looking over your shoulder in the distant) he may hesitate if they think someone notices him. Point to what you are looking at as well. You want to telegraph yourself to others and get them involved.

Keep clear of abandoned vehicles, but concern yourself with them. He is probably parking along roads and walking to his shooting position.
You are probably safer inside the DC area only because congestion will prevent him an easy egress for the sniper. So if there is a toss up for a store then pick the inner city (not the outer boundaries).
The main thing is being careful. Everyone is at risk even the police. He is able to pick the time and place so he has the overall advantage over the police. . If you still have difficulty sorting it out, then just stay home (smile). These are just my opinions and hopefully can help in your daily activities. Take care.

God Bless.