Hi there to one and all...

Lurkers United - sounds like a football team, only I know there are many more on this team for sure.

Are you a lurker? And by that I mean are you an active online reader who reads but may be too shy to post an answer or pass an opinion or make a comment or say your say? I used to be, so I do understand but I say...

DON'T BE please! Your voice is really important wherever you go but especially to me here on this site and lurking only just gets in the way of our easy communication.

I would love to hear about your container garden stories, wishes, even dreams. Use a nom-de-plume so no-one but you knows it is you; use a nom-du-guerre if you prefer when speaking about dealing with pests and all; but please use a 'nom' and post in our forum; I would and do thrive on your feedback.

You have an open invitation anytime to answer or to start your own threads and it is really easy to do so.

Are you registered? That's an easy action too with Bellonline. If you do register, then you will be informed whenever there is a new and interesting article on the site AND you will be able to make requests and post replies and all.

No Spam. No sharing of your email address. Instant deregistration if that is what you want. That's a promise.

Have you seen the fabulous content on the whole of Bellaonline?

Lurk no more - sign up for all sorts of advantages, you will be pleased.

Oh and by the way, if you have a question about your containers, just ask and the container garden fairies will get to work on solving it for you!

P S Why do you choose to lurk - no time maybe; just remember Time is Life!

Cheers now...

Lestie Mulholland - Container Gardening Editor

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"Things GARDENING are great ... they are my daily smiles on toast!" - Jennifer St John-Rose, formerly black thumb recently turned green.