I am very confused and have so many unanswered questions about my recent miscarriage and would really just like to see if anyone could answer some of my questions... First of all I have had two healthy normal pregnancies, I have one 6 year old and one 4 year old... The only complication I have had in either of these pregnancies was with my second I had to have surgery on my left ovary about 5 months into the pregnancy to remove a cyst off of my ovary that was growing larger than the baby. Other than that no other complications and that surgery went fine and had no effect on me or my son. After I had my second son in Dec of 07 I had the 5 yr Merina IUD put in. Me and my husband decided in August to have the Merina removed and to try for another baby. I had it removed 8/17/11. I had not had a period in almost 4 years as long as I had been on the IUD and the doctor informed me that it could be quite a while before the lining in my uterus was built up to have a period again. I started my period the following week on 8/23/11, which felt like and lasted just as any of my normal periods would have. Then consistently had a period beginning on 9/25/11 and another on 10/25/11. 11/21/11 I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my next missed period because I had symptoms of being pregnant. I was indeed pregnant. I began to bleed a week later on 11/30 and had my HCG tested at 46 then retested 2 days later and it was 12. I did indeed miscarry and there was tons of blood but I never was in any pain at all. I bled for about 5 days and had my blood tested again the next week and HCG was confirmed negative. So my questions are does anyone know if the surgery on my ovary could have caused a miscarriage? What about being on the Merina for so long? I never really got a clear answer from the doctors I talked to? What about my period... since I miscarried just a little later than my period should have started should I expect to see my period around the same time this month? If me and my husband had unprotected sex this weekend, and I happened to get pregnant again right away before another period would I be at higher risk of miscarrying?