msbaby - I agree with you about phone restriction for teens. I asked my 20-year-old about texting while driving and he said he does in fact text at a stop light. I strongly warned him to not text at any time while driving and to wait until he reaches his destination. Nothing can cause an accident quicker than distracted drivers texting. I never expect him to reply to my texts if he is driving or busy at work. Teens texting, statistically cause a tremendous amount of serious accidents. Texting in the car should be outlawed. I do not text in the car ever!!!

As for you being a stay-at-home mom email is ideal for staying in touch with everyone! I know because I stay at home as well. The computer is my connection to the world! If it weren't for my computer I think I would sink into a depression. Email are the conversations that take place of the actual phone or in person conversation that I would otherwise have.

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