I just got a new "text message" capable phone and find myself texting my son more than I call him. I also email him to his phone and to relative's computers more than I actually speak to them. Do you use technology more than you actually speak to people?
yes! I have a HTC ppc6400. Its very similar to the iphone but uses windows mobile 6. I love the phone. I love the ability to use the internet, email, windows office, etc.

I text all the time. I email all the time. Plus I call. Buit more text and email
Sounds like you have your email forwarded to your phone.(?) I'm familiar with the iphone if it's like that but only in the windows environment-right? I just got the AT&T Slide that operates on the windows environment and has internet, email, etc. So do you have a plan that has a lot of text messaging? Mine is unlimited. I'm just getting good at it as I'm new to the texting environment after switching over from an outdated teeny tiny Sprint phone. It's great! I'm hooked.

Only problem is when I'm with people in person I forget how to talk in complete sentences - ha ha.

I email with friends more than we talk on the phone or in person. It seems at times that I have become so accustomed to typing that I'm losing the ability to conduct a normal conversation. It's either that or the fact that I am a stay at home mom and the opportunities for adult conversation are sometimes rare.

As far as cell phones are concerned; I wish their use was more restricted. It's not illegal where I am to talk or text while driving and the teens who are just learning to drive are out of control. I have to dodge them running red lights and crossing the center line every time I'm in the car.

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msbaby - I agree with you about phone restriction for teens. I asked my 20-year-old about texting while driving and he said he does in fact text at a stop light. I strongly warned him to not text at any time while driving and to wait until he reaches his destination. Nothing can cause an accident quicker than distracted drivers texting. I never expect him to reply to my texts if he is driving or busy at work. Teens texting, statistically cause a tremendous amount of serious accidents. Texting in the car should be outlawed. I do not text in the car ever!!!

As for you being a stay-at-home mom email is ideal for staying in touch with everyone! I know because I stay at home as well. The computer is my connection to the world! If it weren't for my computer I think I would sink into a depression. Email are the conversations that take place of the actual phone or in person conversation that I would otherwise have.
Email is a stay at home mother's connection to the world. It's so nice to know that when I get a minute my "friends" are there with funny jokes, news or a good recipe. My mother just doesn't get my enjoyment of the forums and emails. Maybe that's why I try not to come down too hard on texting. I don't get it and I certainly am not required to, but kids texting while driving or walking in traffic has a negative effect on everyone.
I've nevr texted anyone. iF I get a text, I just call people back or email them.
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Yes. I usually email people, it's just easier.
I prefer email over text messaging as the keyboard is much larger and I can get my d__n fingers on the letters. smile My son and has his email forwarded to his phone so one day he called me and said, "Mom, if you don't like text messaging, just email me and I will get it on my phone the same way." Yikes, wish he had told me sooner. But in a pinch and on the run, text messaging can take care of a quickie conversation that a phone conversation isn't needed. My husband is in meetings a lot and I never know when I can call him, so I just text him.
I like using email for more formal communication as I can organize them better. However, text messaging works great in some ways as sometimes it better not to talk to the person, but you want the person to know you are not ignoring him/her. I find texting comes in handy when I don't have time to call a friend for a long chat, but just to let the person know that I care.

I have email function on my phone, but I rarely use it. I don't want to be chased by emails everywhere I go. whistle
I am a house wife. I have an iPhone and most of the time I communicate with my friends and relatives by sending text messages, and make a call once ina week or so. Whenever I will be using computer (which is very rare) I send emails.
I still believe in talking directly and not to the hand. This is so sad what technology has done to human behaviour.................sorry.

We have cell phone restrictions where I live but if the police don't enforce the law what good is it and they do it also. Teens..why just teens, the adults are just as much at fault.
I have resisted getting a texting-capable phone. I do email a lot, though. Right now I use Skype. It allows we voice contact for free (computer to computer) and if needed, I can also use it to text and send files. And best of all, I can also do video!
yes, i like to email or msg.
This tread is really helpful for me.
I text and email a lot and it is scary because people don't talk to each other anymore. You can easily find people sitting at the same table and text each other instead of talking.
I used to text alot but these days all my contacts are using watsapp or similar messaging services, on the other hand I email alot :)
I love talking. I prefer phone calls more than email and text.
For business tasks I absolutely prefer email to voice conversation. With voice conversation people can say "You never said that" - but with email the trail of conversation is perfectly clear. Everything is documented about who said they would do what.
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