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Then with every abortion we are killing a human being. are you saying that texas dave?

Sorry I am not TD but I would say yes with every abortion a human life is taken.

Its pretty obvious isint it?? A pregnancy left undisturbed most of the time results in a healthy new life.When a person chooses to terminates a pregnancy that life growing inside is "terminated" ( thats the nicest way I can put it)

Sometimes abortion is nessassary and there should be the choice but it must be an agonising thing to go through. I am very greatful I have never had to do that.Funny enough I dont think I will be having chldren myself. I have been on birth control for 12 years and I have never had an "accident".

I am Pro choice because nobody should force a woman to carry a baby that is not wanted bt I just wish more women who had finished their families or are childfree would get permanatley steralised so as to stop abortions from happening because it is so sad and tragic when a pregnancy is "terminated

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