I am here for you as well. I know how hard it is to go through it alone and I'll try to be here for you as much as I can also. I think we both need someone to lean on. Even though my miscarriage was over a year ago I think about it everyday. It's so sad, because I watch things on the news about how teenage girls give birth in bathrooms, drown their baby, and just walk away. Or some crackhead shakes their baby because they won't stop crying. And I can't help but think why were they able to be blessed with a child and mine was taken? I can't even stand to see pregnant people. It makes me so sad. I think what has made it all worse for me is an old "friend" of mine. We were kind of talking around the time I miscarried last year and she knew that I had lost my baby and had been taking it very hard. She called me up not even a week after I lost the baby to let me know she was baby shopping for her cousin who was at the time six months pregnant with a girl. I hadn't talked to her since. But lately she has been trying to get ahold of me and since I won't talk to her she calls my family now to let them know she's pregnant and having a girl and blah blah. The thing that makes it worse is I know she is just doing it to rub salt in my wound because she's caddy like that. She's just trying to say "Haha I'm having a baby and you're not!" I cannot believe how mean your so called friends can be to you after something this tramatic has happened... Like you posted in my thread, I am glad you have your sister who understands. I guess she is proof that no matter how many years pass and how many children you do end up having, you never really "get over it."

Just know I am here for you if you ever need a shoulder.