Posted By: nightingale Gardening - 04/15/09 03:35 AM
Hello LDS families out there. I'm thinking about all gardening all the time right now. I ordered my seeds a month ago, making sure that they are all re-seeding varieties. Hopefully at the end of this season I can save the seeds and then turn around and plant them again next year. I've invested in a good supply of bottles so I expect to fill them up with canned veggies and fruits this season and then empty them throughout the winter. We just bought six fruit trees at ten dollars a pop and are putting in raspberries, strawberries, grapes as well. Obviously, these are not new ideas but they seem revolutionary to me. This food supply will be self-perpetuating if I can pull it off. And it contributes no waste at all, which should please my environmentally conscientious friends. The buzz with my friends is that we may be experiencing several years of feast- that is that there is water available for our gardens- which may be followed by famine. Hopefully not but I am definitely getting my provident-living groove on right now. It's kind of fun.
Posted By: Jamie - LDS Families Ed Re: Gardening - 04/16/09 06:04 AM
Hiya nightengale! Me and RM13 were getting lonely here all by oursleves. He's my husband so he has tohang out with me, otherwise I'd be ALL alone! wink

I was really into gardening one year. We lived in Fl on a military base, so I had to confine myself to container gardening. What is intersting is that this was at the end of 7 years of infertility (feasts and famine?) I guess I was obsessed with nurturing SOMETHING. I never did get much of anything to grow, but I'm sure if I had continued I would have learned the ropes. I got distracted when my children started coming fast and furious. I would love to pick up again, although now we live in AZ on a military base, and I don't know what grows well here in the (excuse the repetition, I know I whine about this in almost every article) 5 MONTHS OF SUMMER!!!!

I think just about every active member of the church is feeling the urgency of turning more toward provident living. Let us (ok, me) know how it goes! smile

Posted By: jujubeanie Re: Gardening - 06/29/09 04:08 AM
This is the first year I have tried container gardening! Funny you mentioned that. I bought grow boxes that are self watering from a reservoir underneath the soil. So far everything has done great except my watermelon and pea plants.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Gardening - 02/04/21 05:10 AM
I love gardening - there's something nurturing about bringing fruits, vegetables, and flowers to a full life. Containers help the process become manageable. We're in deep winter right now, but I'm thinking about spring!
Posted By: Angie Re: Gardening - 02/04/21 02:29 PM
I do a lot of container gardening because of the deer. Right now my gardening in keeping my poinsettias going and my snake plant (don't know what the real name of the plant is). I also have something called a wax rose. It was originally a cutting given to my mother when her mother passed away in 1954. It is a succulent and pretty easy to propagate.
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