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Courses & Classes - 02/05/16 07:12 PM

Below is a list of free and paid courses by subject. These will mostly be online only courses for general learning, certificates or continuing education credits. I will be adding courses as I come across them or reviewing them so check back now and then. I hope this proves useful to everyone.

Certificate vs Diploma : It can be confusing differentiating between a certificate or a diploma. In general a certificate means you have completed a course for a specific purpose for which no further credit beyond the certification is granted. There are exceptions to this and I note those when present. A diploma course indicates that the subject matter has been taught at a deeper level than a certificate. Diploma graduates may also receive some kind of educational credit. Diploma course are more likely to have some accreditation from a country's educational authority.

Terminology (in alphabetical order) :
Live = Instructor led sessions via Skype, chat or similar webinar format.
Mentored = An instructor may not have live classes but is available offline via email or call.
On Demand = Lessons are delivered via video that students can access at any time.
Self-Paced = Students decide how fast or how slow to proceed through the class.
Textual = Instruction is via text with little to no multimedia elements.
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Digital marketing is the promotion and selling of services or products interactively using digital channels and mediums like social media, web sites and mobile technology. Companies also use digital marketing to engage with their current or potential customers.

Free Courses

Google Digital Marketing Course : This is a free hands-on learning and training as students are required to use Google products. It walks students step by step through search engine marketing, mobile advertising and analytics. This course is preparation for taking the Google Online Marketing Challenge. This self-study course is on-demand with videos and text. Some familiarity with digital marketing and social media is helpful.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course : This free course is intended to train users on how to use Hubspot's marketing tools however it does give an overview of inbound marketing touching on user experience, marketing methodology and user expectations. Graduates receive a badge and certificate. This short on-demand course is a useful primer for entrepreneurs exploring digital marketing, existing marketer or those who want to learn about the topic.

Paid Courses

Shaw Academy - Digital Marketing Fundamentals : This course gives students a deeper understanding of digital marketing demonstrating how it is used by businesses worldwide. While it will not turn you into a guru, it will give you sufficient knowledge to recognize digital marketing strategies and tactics. If you are currently in Marketing this course will show you how to improve your current efforts. Based in Ireland but offered worldwide in several languages. This offers a mix of live and on-demand sessions. To receive a Diploma and UK educational credits, students must pass a final test. *** Google Groupon for affordable promotion prices for this course ***
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Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. [from Wikipedia]

Free Courses

Alison Diploma in Web Development : This worldwide course provides the fundamental knowledge of creating basic HTML pages with CSS and publishing the site on your own hosting domain step by step. The course itself is free, self-paced and on-demand. A fee must be paid to receive a diploma.

W3Schools HTML Tutorial : This is purely self-paced, self-taught and text-based but offers in-depth coverage and available worldwide. It's suitable for a student who wants to learn web programming or someone who may want to pursue a computer science degree. A certificate is available after passing a test and paying a fee. There are lessons for other programing languages such as JavaScript, PHP, CSS, jQuery and XML

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I tried the Google Digital Marketing course. It's really useful and practical. Good for anyone who uses their products often.
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