Hyopthyroidism from a Stomach Disorder?

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Hyopthyroidism from a Stomach Disorder? - 10/18/10 03:03 PM

Did you know that there is an epidemic of hypothyroidism in our nation?

And did you know that the cause may rise from a digestive problem? or a nutritional deficiency? or both combined?

Check out my new article that tells you about it.

The Cause of Hypothyroidism
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Re: Hyopthyroidism from a Stomach Disorder? - 06/08/12 11:03 PM

Good info, I never even stopped to think why I buy iodized salt or the relevance of bromine to stomach issues...
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Re: Hyopthyroidism from a Stomach Disorder? - 02/01/13 08:57 AM

Wish I had found this two years ago when trying to help daughter with her issues of Hashimoto's. I have been EVERYWHERE on the internet. Found much information. Began iodine supps and they helped her. Still - can the Hashimoto's just go away? They removed half of her thyroid 8 years ago. For nothing. They scared her with --cancer-- of course. Now, I just fear for her health. Thru my poking around, I at least got the info on gluten sensitivity and others...where NOT ONE DOCTOR did! I am really interested in mms. Would like to try it on my dogs - one has extreme allergies - the other pancreas issues. And me, too (gallbladder removal, melanoma, goiter), before her. I am just getting tired of getting the info years after the fact. Thank you for the info, Arrow. I am JUST now beginning my looking into mms! :) ~~Happy
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