February Dumb Criminals

Posted By: DonnaCrimeEditor

February Dumb Criminals - 02/24/11 06:15 AM

Article is up here.

I know that a lot of the time, alcohol or drugs are involved with people calling the cops on themselves. But honestly, you'd think that someone drunk or high might be a little paranoid of getting caught anyway, even without calling 911 themselves. Talk about an easy night for the police!

I particularly liked the Louisville case. It was almost like, "Oh, you're not a prostitute? How dare you not be? I'm telling the POLICE on you!!!" Major FAIL.
Posted By: makesyoulaugh

Re: February Dumb Criminals - 02/25/11 01:01 PM

....Holy Camoly, I'll have to remember to call the cops on my alter ego when she gets outta hand!! LOL
Posted By: Tuculia, Daughters Editor

Re: February Dumb Criminals - 03/06/11 02:35 AM

Great article Donna.
Posted By: DonnaCrimeEditor

Re: February Dumb Criminals - 03/06/11 11:11 PM

Thanks, Tuculia! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

makesyoulaugh, only if you can get to the phone! Those alter egos are apparently quite crazy people who stop at nothing, if the criminals who use that excuse are any indication. LOL!
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