Everyone knows you can save money by extreme couponing but did you know you can also get free stuff? This article explains how to get freebies when you extreme coupon.

How to Get Free Stuff by Extreme Couponing

As promised in the article, here are pictures of my finished Coupon Binder.

As a side note, you can see the upcoming week's sales online for most major retailers now. This makes it a lot easier to plan your shopping and gather all of your coupons.
Wow!!! How do you find the time to flip through all of these? I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with it all!
Wow Maria - I love it smile You serious about your coupons indeed (lol). Thanks for sharing, gave me some ideas!
Originally Posted By: Maria Brown - Freebies
Everyone knows you can save money by extreme couponing but did you know you can also get free stuff? This article explains how to get freebies when you extreme coupon.

How to Get Free Stuff by Extreme Couponing

As promised in the article, here are pictures of my finished Coupon Binder.

Sooo..I went on my first "extreme couponing" shopping trip on Friday. This is what I got for free:

*42 boxes of Rozoni Pasta
*5 Listerine Breath Strips
*40 bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce (overage of $16.00) which I applied to other items on the bill to get them for "free"
*the $16 overage helped to pay for 10 gallons of Deer Park Water and 10 boxes of Captain Crunch Cereal
*I also had to get a rain check for the Nivea Body Wash which will give me an overage of .50 each so I will get $5 back when I buy 10 (when they come in)!

All in all, I spent $42 but my total before coupons was over $200. I'm uploading a picture of my receipt below:

Maria, that's great savings!

I've been couponing for a while, and one of the tips I like to pass along is that any time I'm planning on buying a large quantity of something, I like to call the store ahead of time to place an order. The store loves it because they can have my portion set aside and I don't end up clearing off their shelves. smile

Some stores are really cracking down on overage these days, too.

The show worries me some because they show things that aren't all that kosher, and companies may get leery of offering such great coupons along with the sales.
This is mind-blowing. And I felt good using my $4.00 CVS coupon this week. Posting this quickie note to let you know that you are my hero, then going to read more.

Cricket, I agree that's a great idea to call ahead. That makes sure your stuff is there when you get there. I didn't see anything on the show that seemed less than kosher though. I have read stuff about one of the people on there doing some questionable things before the show but I don't think there was any proof that she did it on the show. Also, I didn't see anyone endore any practices that were not allowed.

Unless I missed something of course. I haven't seen all of them!
Great job, Maria! I've been rolling my CVS extra bucks and having a ton of fun. I am doing my binder a little differently but am very impressed with how yours looks!

How are you storing your stockpiles? So far I am just piling things in cabinets, putting stuff under beds and using the floors of closets...but then what?

I should have known you were already working on a stockpile! For mines, if I have room I just put the things in their regular place; for example, I only have like 5 toothpastes so they are under my sink. But for bigger quantities, like 20 boxes of cereal, I'm using an empty pantry closet in my basement. I've also been clearing out space in my garage but that's going to take some time.
That is so nice that you have a basement! And a garage. smile That gives you a ton of storage possibilities.

I love the whole idea of the stockpile. It's a completely different way to shop ~

I am having fun learning about this. Yesterday I acquired $67.12 worth of product for $7.47 between CVS and Walgreens. I'm still figuring this all out. It's fairly complicated! Much planning and sorting and doing lots of math.

CVS is awesome, IMO. I LOVE extra bucks.

I am going to tackle my supermarket (Bashas) later this week. I also have access to a Fry's and a Safeway in the next town over.

I have to keep reminding myself to only buy something when it is free, unless it is something I actually need at the time. I'll let you know when i have my experiences posted! I think between the two of us, we can really help make a difference for people's budgets!! smile
Oh I also have access to a Target and Walmart. I think doing all these places properly would be a full time job. smile

You are SO right! Planning for a trip is like a part-time job! You did great with your savings! I've had to have a few "bad" experiences to teach me the ropes.

I went to Kroger's today. I saved $177 dollars, spent .18! Their mega sale combined with coupons is awesome. The receipt said that I saved 100%.

I have access to Target and Walmart but I just don't have the time to run in those bigger stores just to get 1 or 2 free things. However, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens...I won't hesitate.

Also, what I love about CVS is that if you need a raincheck they will give you the raincheck on their Extra bucks (Walgreens won't). Also CVS will let you use expired coupons if you are using a raincheck. I just learned that one today!

I agree totally with you. Between Frugal Living and Freebies...we'll be a one-stop shop for savings/free stuff!
i've used the Raincheck system, but didn't realize you could use expired coupons with that! It makes sense though.

I don't like the mail in rebate system at Walgreens, mainly because I am pretty lazy about mailing things in. I have about six MIRs staring at me on my desk that I need to make envelopes for. I'd rather just have extra care bucks! Even so i am doing well at the walgreens. I got a free box of probiotic capsules to try, three free kinds of waterproof bandaids and a free aftersun lotion all with the MIRs. I decided against the free glucose monitor, since I don't know anyone with diabetes, and i would have had to pay tax/a stamp for something I don't need.
I'm not good with mail in rebates either. I did read somewhere that someone uses a computer program to track their rebates. If I ever decide to start doing MIR, I would want to use a program to help me. Did you get the free scotch tape at Walgreens yet this week?
I think i will hit ACE, CVS and Walgreens tomorrow. I end up getting sucked in to these places for hours...I'll let you know how much tape i get smile

Yesterday I hit my personal best - I paid 5 cents for $75 worth of product. At CVS, my number one store for extreming. smile

I had to go over a lot of things with the cashier and we had to get a few manager's overrides. I feel a little bad for putting her through my couponey mess, but it really feels all tingly to come home with bags of free goodies! smile

That was a GREAT trip! I feel kind of bad sometimes too but at the end of the day, it's about saving money. I've been lucky to only have 1 or 2 "mean" cashiers. Everyone else has been very nice and polite.

I hit CVS yesterday and the lady behind me started talking to me (about my coupons) while I was checking out. When I was finished I realized I had forgotten to give the cashier a $1.50 off coupon and forgot to have him scan my Green tag.

As a result, I made a new rule for myself. NO MORE talking to other people when I'm at the register!
That is hard about not turning in your coupons or using the green bag tag! I would be annoyed at myself. smile

I got a decent haul from CVS and Wags yesterday. I really need to sit down and fill out/mail those rebates.

I am starting to know which cashiers to try to avoid smile
My Publix here in Central FL just started a new coupon policy and they are really looking hard at the a way I think these extreme couponers are making it tougher for everyone...
My Rite Aid Pharmacy won't except coupons printed from a computer either, As well as my grocery store frown
wow! I'm very impressed! We keep kosher so I can't always take advantage of the great grocery store deals. But, I've been reading a couple of kosher-budget websites... and you have definitely inspired me to try a little harder!


There are tons of couponers out there that feel the same way that you do. I think it's more because of the fact that more people are attempting coupon fraud now. I've heard stories of managers getting wrote up for accepting a bad coupon and as a result, the store cracks down more.

Personally I don't have a problem with anyone looking hard at my long as they take them, I'm happy!
I often have to educate the cashiers and sometimes even the managers on the coupons - but pretty much if the register accepts it, they are in the clear. Sometimes i just ask them to see if it will scan through and that allays their fears.

I also have to sometimes point out that they can accept a store coupon WITH a manufacturers coupon and they are like...oh, right!'s good advice to carry each store's most updated coupon policy with you.
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