Bamboo questions

Posted By: Nikkiwys

Bamboo questions - 10/03/09 08:27 PM

Hi Llyn, After reading your weekly newsletter about Bamboo, I'm curious. Have you heard anything about bamboo NOT being a long lasting fiber? I've heard (am trying to think where) that some bamboo will start to disintegrate fairly soon and the garment will not last long.

Still trying to remember where I heard that. Nikki
Posted By: Llyn

Re: Bamboo questions - 10/04/09 02:58 AM

Hi Nikki,

Well, the only negative comment I recall hearing about how bamboo wears was on one of the spinning lists - someone was questioning how it held up when blended with wool and nylon for sock yarn. The writer did not think it would wear well.

I've been searching for some solid information but so far all I've found is places selling bamboo fiber products and they all say it wears well. But they do not go on to define exactly what they mean by "long wearing" or refer the reader to any information to substantiate their claims. Personally I think how long wearing fabrics made with bamboo may be depends upon exactly what the product is. Socks may well not wear as long as a blouse - but then consider the hard wear a sock takes compared to a blouse.

But then, let's consider that Edison made the first light bulb filaments from carbonized bamboo slivers (as in little bits of plant material, not slivers for spinning) and those last a long, long time.

True story: My grandmother's hose was built in 1915 and a light fixture was installed outside on the front porch, right above the front door. A light bulb was installed in that fixture when the house was built. That Edison light bulb was still going strong in 1962 - that's 47 years of Wisconsin weather. But that's the carbon bamboo.

The other stuff, well, I'll keep searching and let you know what I find. Wear may well depend on which method of processing is used to obtain the fibers.

Posted By: Lorna L. Leight

Re: Bamboo questions - 10/16/09 04:14 PM

I'm spinning a blend of Merino-bamboo-and Tussah silk. The roving bag didn't indicate the percentages, but, this stuff is marvelous!! I've tagged it I'm able to spin worsted/sport weight! (I've only been spinning a couple of years)This stuff is DEFINITELY going to go to a project for me!;~)
Posted By: Llyn

Re: Bamboo questions - 10/17/09 02:20 AM

Sounds like a lovely blend. smile
Posted By: Llyn

Re: Bamboo questions - 10/17/09 02:29 AM

Sounds like a lovely blend. smile
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