What's up with the red sky? I read there was red sky in China
This had passed me by, but The Independent reported . . .

The lights turning the sky crimson were coming from a fishing boat that was harvesting Pacific saury fishes, said China Aquatic Products Zhoushan Marine Fisheries Co, which owned the boat present in the water, according to a report by Global Times.

Officials in the area also confirmed that no fire was reported in the port city around the time skies turned red.

According to the experts, the weather in Zhoushan port city was perfect for a refraction phenomenon as the sky was cloudy with drizzle which led to an unusual reddening of the sky, triggering a brief panic.

A member from the meteorological bureau explained that when weather conditions are good, it leads to formation of more water in the atmosphere. This forms aerosols which then refract and scatter the light of fishing boats and create the red sky seen by the public," the official said, the report added.

This explanation sounds more likely than the end of the world! (But I can imagine that it was quite startling to the locals.)