From what I've learned in Pain Management classes, the meds we take are not very effective, only reduce pain by about 30%, but can, for some, make it easier to get to a place where they can manage the pain. The pain won't go away; there is no magic wand out there (yet), but you can learn to live with it better through mindfulness, meditation, pacing, exercise, positioning for sleep, and careful challenges to limitations. I use the Melt Method by Sue Hitzmann to deal with the fascia element, which is the main problem in fibro, and find it quite helpful. No, it doesn't relieve ALL the pain, but I am able to participate in more activities for longer periods of time, and for me (fibromite for 38+ years, dx'd 14 years ago) this is very wonderful. I am now more stable, and even seeing a few improvements, but it is a work in progress, and requires vigilance and commitment to make this work.