I just got my first review on Amazon for my very first published book about spiritual journaling, Pagan Know Yourself, and...the reviewer was a bit underwhelmed. She said the book is priced for free and worth the money. laugh Her main problem seems to be that if a reader doesn't know the answers to the 100 questions I pose, I don't provide enough guidance to answer them ..

(but there is no unforced way to guide basic conversational questions),

and if you do know the answers to the question, you don't need the book ...

(but what if you want prompts in the form of these questions to get you thinking about these issues?).

Her review could have been worse, so I can't complain, but if any of you have read my book and liked it more than she did, I would be incredibly grateful if you would post a review here on Amazon. The book is still free through tonight Thursday Oct 2 midnight (Pacific Standard Time) and then goes to 0.99 cents.

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