I don't think of the changes in my life relating to me being a certain age or certain stage. Rather, I try to review my life every few weeks and see what I can try to work on improving. So it's an ongoing process.

Are there things that have changed as I turned 30 and 40? I used to mountain bike a ton and now we don't. My boyfriend likes road biking more and I don't like the danger of being on the road. So it's more that I need to find someone else to mountain bike with.

Certainly circumstances have changed in general - my son used to be a child, now he's 22. So that has cased changes.

I think I am more focused on getting rid of clutter. I used to at least tolerate shopping. Now I don't want to shop at all. I just want to go through the house and find new homes for all this stuff we have. I want to whittle us down to just the things we really need.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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