I have reduced my long line flax strick prices. $9.75 per strick. 10 or more stricks are $8.75 each. Stricks may vary between 180 to 210 grams which works out to be appx. 7 oz. If you check with American suppliers and purchase this fiber by the pound please keep in mind that their pound is appx. 400 grams which is less than an pound. The European strick goes by KG instead of pounds. . Shipping in the USA is as follows; 1 strick priority $4.60----- 2 to 7 $8.95 priority flat rate box----- 8 to 12 $12.95 priority flat rate box. You are welcome to call Dave the flax man in Eagle bend, Minnesota 218-738-2222 or I can be emailed at flax@midwestinfo.net Better yet come in and see me at my little studio. I have been spinning flax for appx. 40 plus years so if you have any questions please email me. Thank you and happy spinning!!!

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