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I know a lot of people enjoy the Kombucha type teas. There are many brands out there. But as always it is on the buyer to beware. We are learning to read labels which is important to our overall general health, and sometimes it is ultra important to those who have health issues.

The Health-Ade Kombucha beverages haven't been truthful on their labels. They have underreported their contents, to the point that it was harmful to many people. Last year there was a class action lawsuit filed because their labels had the sugar levels incorrectly reported. They were 2-4 times more, thus causing health concerns of their consumers.

Yet another class action lawsuit that is claimable this year, is that this Kombucha beverage is a non-alcoholic beverage as written on their label. But as it turns outs the beverage contains 2 times-4 times the amount of alcohol, thus making it an alcoholic beverage!!

If you have purchased this brand of Kombucha you have the right to join the class action lawsuit and have purchased this brand from the dates of 3/6/14-5/24/19 without proof of purchase(up to $40.) and with purchase receipts (up to $80.)
If you would like to join, you can file a claim online at


Please continue to be good consumers and read all the labels on the foods and drinks you consume and please report the brand if you do find some type of discrepancy.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

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