I am so happy and grateful that my mom is being moved into rehab, so she can get stronger and more independent.

I'm also so happy and grateful to be invited to speak at a local Center for Spiritual Living this June. My goal is to fill in at a local new thought center at least once a month.

I am also very happy and grateful that my husband was able to fix our air conditioner so easily yesterday!!! It had gone out JUST as our weather climbed to the mid 90s. Yikes!!

And, I'm very happy and grateful that I'm back on my regular sleep routine. It got thrown off last Tuesday when I had to take my mom to ER. I just couldn't seem to get caught up. This morning though I was up easily at 5:15am - my favorite time to wake up (when I'm well rested that is LOL). So I have now have a couple of hours of a quiet home all to myself.

Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Deanna Joseph

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