What things do you keep in the open on your desk?

I'll start:

The netbook with external monitor dominates the surface.

To the left: I have a cup with pens, small scissors, highlighters, pencils, my nail clippers, a tube of teeth whitener and a tube of lip exfoliant (necessary in the desert). A jar of lip balm. My drinking pitcher and mug. Hand lotion. My binders that get used all day long. A few cards tacked up on the wood, a tray of thumbtacks and a little holder for local businesses' business cards - the ones I might want to call that day (like a vet, the dr, the library).

Right side - more lotion (honestly, it's that dry in the desert), cuticle cream, my iphone, phone holder and charge cord. A few flash drives, my solar phone charger. Some roll-on oil perfumes from Eclectic Lady. A hand massager. Useful handouts and notes tacked up on the wall and fridge. (I am squeezed in behind the dorm fridge, which is covered with magnets that I hang papers from). My two Flylady timers, my ostrich feather duster and a spider plant.

On the structure in front of my that holds the monitor, I have my med box (one per day of the week), a pair of soft yoga toes, a small wooden Lord of the Rings box containing a little luck coin Lisa made for me, Aragorn's Ring of Barahir, a smooth rock I collected from the shores of Lake Superior, and my two stones from the Chicago and the San Diego BellaOnline gatherings.

Above my monitor is a narror shelf that houses my stack of Bellaonline notepads, a bin with my morning facial bottles, a bin with my evening facial bottles, and a cute white platypus stuffed animal watching over me. I also have some images of the beach pinned up on the wall behind that and an origami crane.

I have a few shelves above me with books, also, to the left.

Beneath my feet I keep a very nice, red, sturdy canvas tool box that contains my office supplies: tape, stapler and staples, calculator, tape measure, more pens and highlighters, sharpies, white out, tiny eyeglass cleaner and repair kit, sheet protectors, envelopes and stamps. I also keep a foot massager on the floor by my feet.

This space is I think 4 feet by 4 feet. it's like half a closet. smile If you use vertical space properly you really don't need much room.

My printer is just in another part of the home. I carry over the netbook to print anything.